What are its benefits?  “Science News

What are its benefits? “Science News

Cannabidiol as a drug: what the science says (and how to use this product)

Who is speaking of beneficial effects of cannabis risked unleashing the whole world.

The climate surrounding the debate over the therapeutic properties of cannabidiol is literally on fire and everyone who supports the possibility Using CBD for medicinal purposes Risk of being accused of inciting drug use.

Still, it would be very helpful to untangle this tangle, especially since when the sale of legal cannabis products is permitted and consumers can happily buy the best CBD oil on Justbob.

For this reason we will explain in the following article What advantages are attributed to this product? and we show how it can be used.

What is CBD oil and how many types are there?

Let’s start with the basics: as many know, cannabidiol (CBD) is a substance found in hemp that, along with tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), is responsible for the effects of this plant. The difference between these two molecules lies in the psychoactive ability: THC has amazing properties while CBD does not.

This is the main reason why Italy allows the purchase of cannabidiol-based products, including CBD oil it is particularly popular.

CBD oil, also known as hemp oil, is obtained by extracting cannabidiol from the plant Dilute in a plant carrier (usually olive or coconut oil).

It can be sold in two different compositions: isolated and broad spectrum.

The former contains only cannabidiol and has long been considered the best because the active ingredient is in its pure form. However, over time, medical research has shown that the substances contained in cannabis they fulfill their function best when they act in unison.

This synergistic property of cannabinoids and terpenes has been defined “entourage effect”, and his discovery brought broad spectrum oil to the fore, a product containing all of the molecules found in hemp. An exception is of course THC, which does not have to be contained or only in a concentration below the legally prescribed limit, since it is considered a narcotic.

What are the benefits of CBD oil?

According to some medical research, CBD oil appears to be able to exert beneficial effects by interacting with the CBD oil receptors Endocannabinoid Systeman apparatus that regulates various functions of the human body.

Specifically, cannabidiol is said to possess the following beneficial properties:

  • relaxing action – useful to combat anxiety, restlessness and sleep disorders;
  • increased concentration and memory – a secondary effect of improving the quality of sleep;
  • Stretching and relaxation of the muscles – the spasmolytic effect would make CBD a substance recommended for the treatment of contractures and other similar ailments;
  • pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties – useful for relieving chronic pain.

The debate surrounding the actual therapeutic efficacy of CBD is still open, but most of the scientific world now seems to realize it the beneficial properties of this substance.

Suffice it to say that in various European countries, including Italy, it is possible to request the prescription of cannabidiol-based drugs. An example is Sativex, a drug sold in the form of an oral spray used to relieve chronic pain that is common in patients multiple sclerosis.

Certainly, medical research will continue in the future close the matter once and for all and understand if CBD can truly be a valuable all-round therapeutic resource.

How to use CBD oil

In Italy, the current legislation applies bans the sale of CBD oil for use in edibles. For this reason, the instructions for use contained in the packaging or on the label refer exclusively to external use, through the skin or inhalation.

In particular, manufacturers recommend applying a few drops to the skin and massaging until the oil is fully absorbed. This exercise is designed to relax muscles and relieve inflammatory pain. Even if it is done on the face it would help moisturize the skin and counteract the early signs of skin aging.

Although it is forbidden to sell it for edibles, there are numerous articles online that offer advice on how to take CBD oil orally. As a rule, it is recommended to pour a few drops right under the tongue so that the absorption of the active substance takes place immediately.

However, the taste of this product can be overly strong and bitter for the most sensitive palates. For this there are those who recommend take it in combination with other foods.

The easiest method is use it as a spice like any other cooking oil and accompany it with a fresh salad. Alternatively, it can be consumed by pouring a few drops onto a sugar cube.


We have explained what CBD is, what they are the beneficial properties attributed to it and how it can be used.

As we have explained, science now seems to have accepted the idea that cannabidiol can be used effectively for pharmacological purposes, and even theU.N. has recently recognized its therapeutic value.

However, it should be noted that taking this substance it should always be done on medical advicelike you would with any other drug.