Technology to support health care, the latest news!

Technology to support health care, the latest news!

Technology and Health increasingly intertwine their itineraries development and innovation. The role that companies play to ensure that the future would become an inevitable opportunity, will be key.

The pandemic crisis due to Covid 19 forced the entire universe to health quickly rethink their decision-making processes and operational ranges. In this context it could be the key to open up completely new perspectives. And that’s where, with an essential role, the technology and the use of it and will make it.

Meanwhile, with Clara Ciampi and with the support of a video posted on his YouTube channel, go to discovery CTF (Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology):

pharmaceutical industry and technology

We are in the heart of the digital age. Well, the pharmaceutical industry did not miss this appointment, vice versa, it took it with surprising speed. ONE evolution occurred with extreme naturalnessalthough it is arguably facilitated, so to speak, by the increase in pandemic fires.

After all, the health crisis forced the entire universe of health, and not just societies, to quickly rethink everyone decision-making processes and operational spheres. A procedural context that has inevitably involved institutions, citizens, stakeholders.

A state of affairs that opens up unprecedented perspectives. A scenario characterized by renewed organizational models that, in all probability, will be the basis for a redefinition of specialization and strategic procedures, in a horizon increasingly accustomed to technology.

The great challenge of technology

Technology, a commitment that cannot be missed, at the same time, a very important challenge. A challenge that companies and institutions can help us overcome. It will suffice to guide, to the sound of its innovations, the procedural part, in order to place the renewed alternatives in the hands of professionals and patients.

They discussed these topics and opportunities mentioned on several occasions Maria Giovanna Labbate, General Manager of Gedeon Richter Italy; Fabrizio Greco, general manager and CEO of Abbvie Italia AND Massimiliano Bindi, CEO of Abbott Diabetes Care Italia.

A thought which could from a reflection of the famous philosopher who theorized the “net company”, Zygmunt Baumann. According to Baumann, those who in the history of mankind are better equipped from a technological point of view, in the same way, will be the most distressed and like nowhere else, by emotions. uncertainty and ineptitude. A statement that could be said in all aspects to be shared?

Technology and new possibilities

It is true, as the Polish philosopher says, that the findings human being traveling through its existence in contexts that appear increasingly undefined, elusive and complex. This should be treated. Hence the concept of liquidity, so that transforms and adapts at the same time.

On the other hand, the pessimism that seems to emerge from some expressions is not, in any way, productive if it is not used in an improvement perspective. Let’s take the example of young people.

They lived and grew up between technology and the need to adapt the company’s liquidity, I return to your existential baggage. They experience the unknown not as a barrier to their own human and professional perspective, but as an array of countless opportunities.

Industries and technology, the way of change

The mission of companies, in setting such, might be to act as an engine of changeor. It will be up to companies to prepare and transmit all their experiences to young people and society, the skills and experience, functional to the propulsive impulse for change in a development and improvement perspective.

A bridge for change that can encourage people to look for new routes, a boost to choose quickly to create together an open triumphal structure to technological innovation.

If it appears that you’re experiencing extremely complex historical situationwe could also say how much, even in the past, there were quite arduous period parenthesis, some, why not, if not more, at least, equally problematic.

Certainly, today’s transformation will require much faster power to establish itself. Therefore, to be able to adapt without losing precious ground, awareness of the variables that are operating will be fundamental. such a variety of knowledge exists and therefore can be acquired. There is no return.

The technological and innovative mission of the pharmaceutical industry

The task is not the easiest. Anyway, the mission of companies and innovators would not slow down so that no one is left behind.

So which one? The mission is to continue on the path of innovation, because only then the creation of this value and those will be conceivable fundamental tools to support those who still remain behind.

A guideline that is particularly significant for the pharmaceutical industry. A reality to which the task of continue investing in innovationIn search of new therapies. Here it is passing the creation of indispensable value to the livelihood of others. It is necessary to dare, to wait, in this context, it cannot help anyone.

The industrial landscape, it must be said, of his nature is predisposed to innovation and the proposal of increasingly avant-garde alternatives to the market. We are facing, on the one hand, an excellent opportunity and, on the other, an important responsibility. This transformation must be accompanied above all by a cultural leap in all aspects.

The pharmaceutical industry has a duty to placing innovative products on the market as well as bringing these innovations to the attention of professionals and patients. Innovation passes through a broad input.

Technology, digitization and the pharmaceutical industry

In such a prospectus, an essential role is certainly played by digitization. The potential of the scanning in this context is close to extraordinary levels. Obviously, education of patients and health professionals about the functions and usage is key.

It will also be important to involve institutions and other stakeholders, inviting them to make a broader prediction about technology capable of promoting what can represent a sustainable solution with symptomatic consequences on direct expenditure on the health and health system.

The transformation, that’s what it’s all about. To carry out such a process one will need have trained and competent leadersand only at a later time as a manager.

It’s not about subtleties, but about substantial differences. authentic authorityaccording to insiders, it should be perceived as that faculty of offering direction to a group that moves toward a goal. A perspective that is important, and even more if you navigate the murky waters of uncertainty. The manager on the other hand, the answer to the resolution of issues related to more or less famous subjects.

The role of the leader at the time of the pandemic

A leader is called upon to chart alternatives along the way, a road unknown to most people. It is up to him to be able to grasp, perhaps in advance, the right route to follow. Leadership is a position that certainly requires skills, but also a lot of charisma.

How a state of indecision is capable of making the values ​​and goals that were previously established creak. The firmness that has been fundamental for many companies in adapting and combating the extraordinary and emergency circumstance dictated by Covid-19.

It was not just about being close to many patients, but also about finding the right methodology and the willingness to do it, to do it in the best way, with precision. Leadership, then, is to outline the direction to follow. The manager later has the responsibility to accompany the team in a context that, however, after the leader’s work, became less and less ambiguous.

Both are essential figures of two equally decisive moments. On the one hand, the leader sees and anticipates the future, and not just the next day. On the other hand, the manager plans that future just sketched. Two irreplaceable protagonists, in support of your operational team and your patients.

But all this is still not enough, you need one more ingredient, just so you can overcome the insecurities and the future. The inclusion of diversity will be essential. Here is a path, a safe bridge for the contribution of excellent innovations and excellent solutions.

Courage and technology, weapons against covid

The pharmaceutical industries showed no small courage and not little expertise in dealing with covid crisis that marked the last two years of our existence. During the pandemic crisis, pharmaceutical companies showed a positive attitude and too much, but much, resilience.

Each component took steps not to lose ground, we adapted, but we were firm. There was a virtuous circle of information and opinions between companies, doctors, patients and institutions, never before seen collaborations.

The future will respond to a number of fundamental axioms. Confidence in innovation as a collective valuean opportunity not to be missed and to be directed for the benefit of the existence of our life and our daily lives.

A path that for pharmaceutical companies, namely the creating products and services that enable people to live their lives in the best possible way. Courage and broad visions, the possibilities in perspective are endless, are endless.

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