Samsung and Apple together to develop the Silicon M2 chip

Samsung and Apple together to develop the Silicon M2 chip

Litter the development of new M2 chip, set to debut on the first Macs in the next few months. The new Cupertino house can count on support, support from Samsung participating in the project as a supplier. The Korean company, through the division Samsung electromechanics, is involved in the M2 chip development project for the realization of a key component. This is not new. Samsung Electro-Mechanics, in fact, also participated in the development of the M1 chip. More generally, Samsung has long been one of the Cupertino company’s main suppliers for the realization of various projects. Here are the details:

Samsung Electro-Mechanics participates in the development of Apple’s new M2 chip

According to what ET News revealed today, Samsung Electro-Mechanics participates in the development of Apple’s M2 chip which, we remind you, will be produced by TSMC, exactly as happened with the M1 chip in all its evolutions. The division of the Korean company is responsible for the development of the flip chip ball grid array (FC-BGA). It is a key component of Apple’s SoC that is used to connect the semiconductor to the main substrate.

Samsung Electro-Mechanics made the same component for the chip too M1. Thanks to the excellent work carried out, Apple would thus have chosen the Korean house as a supplier again, preferring the experience acquired by Samsung Electro-Mechanics to the proposals of other competing companies such as LG Innotek. The realization of the FC-BGA requires very advanced technologies and few companies in the world can reach the levels of quality demanded by Apple.

The choice of Samsung as the supplier of this component must therefore be considered from this point of view. The available options are few and the Korean company can guarantee a higher quality level in relation to direct competitors. The development of the new Apple chip is already at an advanced stage and its official debut could be a step away. The arrival on the market of the first machines with M2 is scheduled for second half of 2022.

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Lots of new M2 Macs and iPads on the way

The new M2 chip is shaping up to become a benchmark in Apple’s product lineup. The Cupertino company, as also confirmed by rumors related to the collaboration with Samsung Electro-Mechanics, has almost completed the development of the new chip and would be ready to present the first products as early as next month. Juneon the occasion of the event WWDC. In addition, the official Apple WWDC 2022 dates.

The first M2 handset to hit the market should be the new MacBook Air that will replace the best-selling MacBook Air with the M1, likely also offering several design innovations. Apple, however, is working on several projects. On the way are new updated iMacs and Mac Minis, as well as a new iPad Pro. More details are sure to come in the coming weeks.

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