Viral Launch Review

If turbulent sales are a canvas the Amazon seller is about to paint on, then the software is a paint palette – the tool without which the picture won’t be complete. Indeed, product sales pretty much double as art. That’s why you as an entrepreneur will need to figure out which sales tool is which in order not to accidentally use a low-quality one and spoil the painting. 

There’s a whole variety of software you can choose from to develop your grand marketing initiatives and make the process of selling products as simple as eating a sandwich. If you’re still in search of a decent tool, consider Viral Launch – you’ll most likely be satisfied with the choice.

What is Viral Launch?

It’s a top-rated software packed with miscellaneous features and tools to help Amazon sellers optimize their sales and get maximum profits from the products. Viral Launch developers promise that with its help, sales of any Amazon store will skyrocket exponentially. 

This is because the list of Viral Launch services includes a row of  critically important aspects  that should not be neglected. In particular, the service helps to find new products that will be effectively sold and bring significantly high profit. Also, Viral Launch helps you find the right keywords to improve search engine optimization, as well as analyse competitors. These and many other tools you can find in the software. Want to see a full description of each tool separately? Then stay tuned and keep reading our Viral Launch review. 

Viral Launch Pricing

Before we move to features’ analysis, you need to know more about Viral Launch prices. Like in the case with most Amazon tools, Viral Launch packages include  monthly and annual payments  for most software services. 

A yearly plan is by default a  more profitable option  as you’ll pay from  10 to 30  dollars less than with monthly payment. Plus, if you sign up for the annual bill, you’ll have a chance to test Viral Launch’s functions for free during the period of two months – the feature that’s absent in monthly plan.   

How to determine the right plan? 

Here, everything depends on the level of your expertise, as well as the purposes of using the software. The possible pricing plan categories include  beginner, pro, brand builder, and kinetic . Here’s what each package offers:

Beginner.  This is the cheapest plan which will cost you  59$/month or 50$/year . As you’ve probably guessed, this plan is created for entrepreneurs who have a bold wish to sell their very first product on Amazon. Also, keep in mind that only  3  features are available for this package.  

Pro.  Get ready to pay  99$/month or 83$/year  to get the most from Viral Launch. This plan will help your growing brand accelerate sales at the speed of light. The situation with accessible Viral Launch features is much better here, since you can use  of them, while only two are absent.    

Brand Builder.  The Viral Launch cost of this plan is either  149$/month or 125$/year . Feel free to opt for this plan if your brand is well-adapted to the marketing world and wants to take the first position in its market. Brand Builder allows you to use 9 features out of  11 , which is the same number as in the “Pro” version. The difference lies in the number of certain features’ uses that’s twice higher in comparison to “Pro” package. 

Kinetic.  The most expensive plan on the list, yet the most effective one. Spend  199$/month or 166$/year  if your brand is leading its space and wants to leverage organic and PPC profits. However, this price remains fixed for one storefront only. Every following storefront costs  83$/month

viral launch pricing

viral launch price

Viral Launch Solutions

Now that you know everything about the prices and made sure they won’t bite your wallet, it’s time to dive into Viral Launch’s tools. Look no further and keep browsing what this software has to offer. 

1. Kinetic PPC

This is a relatively new introduction to Viral Launch which has already showed great success among users. The tool fulfills three crucial marketing functions:  monitors your results, increases your profits, and informs your strategy . By what means does the tool help you develop your business? 

Firstly, it allows you to set a number of repeated actions that’ll make your ads more lucrative. Secondly, you can make adjustments to the provided templates or create new ones. Thirdly, the tool offers fair setup rules – you can either make the rules perform automatically or set every action all by yourself. 

Apart from automation features, the tool enables you to get more data accessibility. This feature provides you with transparent campaign analysis, using which you’ll keep track of product’s performance dynamics throughout all campaigns. Plus, you’ll avoid costly mistakes and remove keywords with low conversion rates to leave only top-chosen ones. Ultimately, Kinetic PPC provides you with practical tools for a  stellar strategy implementation

viral launch

2. Product Discovery

If you’re looking for the potentially best-selling product on your niche, a Product Discovery tool is presumably just what you’ve dreamed of. With the professional assistance of this helper, you’ll get a  customized list of products  with high selling potential and demand straight away. In addition, you can detect the markets which are not overwhelmed with the product like yours. Concurrently, nothing will stop you from beating the stiff competition and take a privileged position in the marketplace. How cool is that? 

How Does Product Discovery Work?

Set a particular product search criteria and get access to the detailed list of relevant items, keywords, brands, and categories that match your expectations. And in case you have concerns about where to keep all this voluminous data, the Tracker feature contains enough space to fit everything you need in one convenient space. Plus, you can use this tool to reevaluate all product elements from the filter.    

viral launch product discovery

3. Market Intelligence

Product research is essentially a fundamental part of product sales which no Viral Launch Amazon seller can do without. In order to make this process much easier for you to go through, a one-and-only tool was invented. Market Intelligence available in Viral Launch Chrome Extension is your answer to the question of why it takes so much time to search for meaningful products manually. All you need to do is trust  reliable product data  that includes sales evaluations and burning trends. 

Besides, you can address this tool to find out if your product idea is worthy of developing – the smart algorithm will respond to your inquiry instantly and show results with the highest accuracy. Last but not least, Viral Launch Market Intelligence can  calculate your expenses and potential profit , combined with the most precisely configured Amazon sales estimates ever to exist. Isn’t that a perfect way to explore the market and understand its essentials? 

viral launch market intelligence

4. Keyword Research

What’s equally important to product research is keyword search. These two terms go firmly hand in hand when it comes to finding solid product sales opportunities. Right keywords do remarkable job to leverage your SEO optimization, raising your interest in the market, and of course, bringing more profits from sales in the long run. Second guessing is now a thing of the past thanks to powerful Keyword Research tool. 

The main feature here is  opportunity score  which puts keywords in order of importance on a scale of  0-1,000 . The primary function this feature fulfils is displays markets with significant volume and few ranking listings. A cherry on top of this cake is a possibility to monitor bid costs so that your ads can bring more effective results. Integrated with Viral Launch Product Discovery and Market Intelligence, this tool will serve you as an  ultimate research booster  anytime, anywhere.    

viral launch keyword research

5. Competitor Intelligence

Nothing can stop your business from thriving more than competitors, we all know that. But don’t worry, Viral Launch has taken care even of this disturbing factor too. Now you can  easily monitor your competitors’ activity  directly from the user-friendly Competitor Intelligence dashboard. The only thing you need to do to “hack” the system of your rivals is insert any product ASIN and immediately get an imposing list of their most searched for and not so popular keywords. 

On top of that, you’ll have the opportunity to estimate and monitor such factors as indexation, keyword rank, sponsored ad rank, sales, price, feedback, search volumes and others. This way, you can track the keywords standing in first  10-15  positions and see whether you move in the right direction. But what’s even more striking about this tool is that it sends you notifications whenever your competitors make prominent shifts in  prices, reviews, sales, keyword ranking, ad placements  and other critical aspects. 

viral launch competitor results

6. Listing Analyzer

This tool is a  trinity of useful helpers  that work inseparably to make sure you get the best results each time.  Listing builder, keyword manager and listing analyzer  is a tandem you’ll certainly fall in love with. Start from keyword manager to get an in-depth analysis of keywords pertaining to your product. Then, move to listing builder to create SEO optimized product listings enriched with relevant words and essential metrics, including search volume and opportunity scores. 

Finally, proceed to listing analyzer that’ll reveal the deepest secrets about your product’s potential success among competitors in the niche. Using an effective  SWOT analysis , you’ll have the ability to better your sales results. And here’s another critical point you need to take into account: listing analyzer can help you compare and contrast the content of your own listings with those created by your competitors. This is a valuable asset all Amazon sellers can take advantage of to finally  understand if their brand needs improvements  in conversion rates or not. 

viral launch listing builder

7. Split Testing

Again, Viral Launch has something to surprise you with at this point. The aforementioned tool embraces a number of additional features aside from just split testing – something you can utilize to combine multiple marketing efforts into one integral, effective result. In particular, it offers you an opportunity to level up sales and revenues by receiving a  comprehensive analysis  with a step-by-step guide on how exactly you can create the most efficient product listings. 

For what else do you need except more  clicks, sessions, and conversions  when it comes to product sales? Furthermore, you can take a look at the stunning visual graphs and statistics to accurately spot the most sales-driven options for every element on listing. Opting for split testing now, you can test up to  variations of  price, title, images, and description , and know for sure which one will serve you best in the future. 

split testing


In a nutshell, Viral Launch extension gives a significant push to Amazon sellers who are willing to rearrange their frames, set bold bars and increase sales progressively. With this tool, any Amazon game will be totally worth the squeeze, as long as it’s utilized with maximum efficiency. Viral Launch confidently passes the test of quality and reliability by all parameters. The number of tools and features available there is sufficient to make marketing dreams come true. 

The software grants its users profound insights into vicissitudes swirling around the marketing business, thereby giving a chance to fill blank spots and improve rankings. The only drawback though has to do with the Beginner pricing plan. Once you opt for this type of subscription, you get access to only 3 features, which we deem is not enough, even if you’re only taking the first steps to becoming a sales leader. 


How do I cancel viral launch?

If you’re impatient and don’t want to send requests to Viral Launch support department asking for cancellation, you can easily do it yourself anytime. Just go to your Account settings and click the Cancel button.

Can I use free trial?   

Yes, you can use free trial by simply getting the link to Viral Launch’s free trial availability page. The free testing period of the software is 14 days if you pay for the tool monthly and two months if you choose an annual plan.   

Is Viral Launch Accurate?

Yes, Viral-Launch is accurate in terms of its quality and comprehensive usability.