How to Sell on Amazon FBA

A question constantly on the minds of those trying to make money with Amazon is "What Is Amazon FBA"? To understand what Amazon FBA is, let us take a look at how Amazon FBA can help you take your online selling business to the next level.

Amazon FBA or to give it it's full name Fulfilment By Amazon is a program created by Amazon that allows you to store your items with Amazon and then send out your items while having your items listed on the Amazon marketplace. 

Amazon FBA is very simple when it is done right, but at the same time very powerful and it can take your business to the next level for very low costs and less stress.

How Amazon FBA works

If you are not a frequent online shopper, you may not be aware of how big the Amazon marketplace is if you don't visit there regularly. The Amazon marketplace has come a long way selling books, to selling thousands of products in many categories.

To start out, Amazon FBA is a service Amazon provides not only to online sellers but also to offline sellers. Amazon will help you to pack your products and ship them to your customers on your behalf. 

You can also sell products on Amazon and you cannot use the FBA service to deliver your own products, but there are many benefits to using the FBA system, which will save you time and provide a more automated business solution.

It's really a similar service that other drop shippers offer, but Amazon has its own merchandise in one of their fulfillment centers. The service will send you your products anytime, anywhere on your behalf. 

This FBA program can be integrated into your very own website to create a fully automated system for sending Amazon your goods and for Amazon to ship them to customers. 

Service costs are very competitive and you pay only for the actual storage and shipping, at low Amazon rates called FBA costs. Use IO Scout FREE FBA Calculator to calculate revenue and fees. Amazon does not charge a fee for directly using the system.

What to sell on Amazon FBA?

This is another question beginners ask when starting out. It might appear to be a really easy question to answer but many get the wrong answers and ultimately fail at amazon fulfillment business.

There is no definitive answer on what to sell when doing the Amazon FBA. You can get a few pointers on what to start selling, and that’s just about it. 

A good way to start is by doing intensive market research. You don’t want to join the bandwagon and start selling in an oversaturated market. A good place to start your research is the Amazon categories. 

Start by looking for an undersaturated category with high buying power and hungry buyers that either can’t find the perfect product or need an improved product in the category you are researching.

FBA Amazon: How to start selling on Amazon FBA

Here are a few steps to start selling on Amazon:

Create a seller account


You can start your Amazon FBA business without creating an account. You begin by creating a seller’s account . You have the option of picking an individual account or a professional account. 

An individual account does not come with a fee, but there are some limitations that come with it. A professional account has a monthly subscription, but you get to test with a free month subscription. There are no limitations and you get all the FBA features. 

Define your niche 

The niche you select will either make or break your business. There are many niches that are too saturated and it takes a lot of work to break into the niche market.

When you are picking a niche, try to go for a niche you are passionate about. By doing this, you will be able to relate to your customers and answer questions they may have in the process of buying your products.

Market Research 

The market research lets you understand your target market, the demand for your product. You can start by researching your competitors to find out what they are doing.

If you are not good at market research, you can hire a professional freelancer to do all the research for you as this is a very important phase. 

Build an established brand 

To build trust with your potential customers on Amazon, you need to build a brand. When you build a brand, you stand out from other sellers in your niche. 

Your branding should stand out by creating a unique logo for your products, brainstorming a catchy brand name with a tagline, writing unique and compelling products copies