Amazon Seller Central Guide

There are two ways to use Amazon: buy or sell. Both activities require different registrations, and while the customer account is easy as a pie, the Seller Central is a serious, sophisticated account. In the article below, we are going to take a glance at Amazon Seller Central, the Dashboard behind those items you browse as a customer.

Amazon Seller Central - What is it?

Amazon Seller Central is the place where a business starts. If you want to sell something, you have to register an SC account, and you can do everything else from the Dashboard. In principle, the Seller Central Amazon provides is a great tool, with an easy to learn interface to help you overview all your items.

How to set up your Amazon Seller Central account?

It’s an easy thing to do. The first and one of the most important steps is to choose the plan. There is an Individual plan for $0.99 per item, and a Professional which costs $39,99 per month. Beginners and smaller businesses should try the Individual plan, while those who sell more than forty pieces of product at Amazon, should consider the Pro plan. Considering the benefits, the Amazon Seller Central fees are not that high.

For starters, you have to enter personal information. It’s not a big surprise in the 21st century that you must prove your identity first (ID, a utility bill for address verification, a business license from your local authorities), either as an individual or as a business. Your phone number has to be verified too.

When you everything is in order, you must start the real work: to set up your listings, add your items. For this, you have to have a global trade item number like EAN, ISBN, UPC, etc., along with some usual info (e.g., name, description). Sellers with a professional subscription have the bulk-import option, which is pretty good if you already have your product at the ready.

What if you don’t have products? Continue reading to find out!

How to choose what type of product to sell - three tools for product research

In case you haven’t got any product, you should start looking for that small gap, that not-so-competitive market where you can set a foothold. Here are three of the top product research apps you could try to find a suitable niche.

  1. IO Scout
  2. Jungle Scout
  3. Helium 10

Key features of the Amazon Central Seller dashboard

amazon seller central app

The Dashboard at Amazon’s Seller Central might seem a bit overwhelming. However, you get used to it, and eventually, it will make sense.

Here are the most important features:

Navigation menu

This is what you would call the main menu. From this, you could easily reach your inventory, records, price and ads management pages, catalog, and a few more.

Quick overview

At this overview bar, you can find the summed-up details of your business, such as buy box winnings, last week’s sales, pending orders, etc.

Your Orders

An overview of your past and present orders.

Payments Summary

This one needs no explaining, and you know what you can find under this tab.

Sales Summary

View your overall sales info.

Inventory Planning

A slider shows the state of your inventory - it’s helpful to know when you need to refill.

Apart from these, there are numerous other little features, called widgets . These smaller tabs contain useful information about your brand’s health, for example, or you can use one to answer the quick survey regarding sellers’ issues, and you could even quickly view the open cases you have.

Choosing a fulfillment option

There are two major fulfillment options at Amazon Seller Central:

  1. You fulfill your orders yourself (or your employees, if you have a company) from your warehouse while you also handle packaging, shipping, and customer service.
  2. Fulfillment by Amazon is an option if you have capacities to manufacture, but you can’t store, nor package or ship the items. With this option, your product goes to an Amazon warehouse, and the company handles all the related issues, except for manufacturing and customer service.

Benefits of Amazon Seller Central

The benefits you can enjoy as a seller at Amazon depend on the plan you choose. As an Individual plan seller, you have most of the tools on the Dashboard, although the Professional plan has additional features, such as the BuyBox, free shipping on some products, and a few more.


As a business owner, having a Selling on Amazon account is very important. The Amazon Seller center is a great dashboard, complement it with a proper research and analytics app, and you are set for the long road leading to success!