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If you are an Amazon seller, there is one question that you will most likely have – how can I improve Amazon sales rank and make more revenue?

The truth is that both the Amazon sales rank and revenue are interrelated. This means – the better is your rank, the more revenue you will make, and vice versa. 

But before we spill the beans regarding rank and revenue, it is essential to understand the working of the A9 algorithm of Amazon.

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What is the A9 Algorithm?

Also known as the product search algorithm, Amazon’s A9 algorithm is completely different from the way the algorithm of Google functions. 

Whenever a product is searched on Amazon, the results are displayed following a two-step process:

It is important to mention here that Amazon’s algorithm is updated frequently to maximize its revenue and serve customers with appropriate results. 

How Does A9 Algorithm Work?

As a part of its algorithm, Amazon keeps three factors into consideration:

If you want your product to rank higher, it must be 100% relevant. Thus, your product listing must be properly optimized in terms of the target keywords.

ODR or Order Defect Rate plays an important role, and Amazon takes this into consideration while ranking your product. Reportedly, the seller’s feedback is a vital component of this algorithm. 

Quite predictably, happy customers, good reviews and better seller feedback is a direct indication of the excellent services of a seller, and this is why Amazon would like to rank them better. 

The better your conversion rate is, the higher will be your product rank. The factors like image quality, product price, and customer reviews enhance conversions. 

Okay, But what is BSR? 

Now that you have learned the functioning of the A9 algorithm, let’s explore what is Amazon sales rank. Also known as BSR or Best Sellers Rank, this is one of the disputed metrics on Amazon that most sellers have a hard time with. 

In simple words, Amazon Sales Rank is nothing but a way to determine if a product is popular within a specific category or not. 

All the Amazon products are ranked based on the factors that we discussed above, and each product is provided with a sales rank that can vary from 1 to millions. Undoubtedly, the lower the number is, the greater will be your sales and vice versa. 

So Why is BSR Important?

The BSR or ASR is important for a range of reasons. Let’s have a look at a few of them:

The best part of Amazon Sales Rank is that they won’t have an impact on your upcoming rank. You can follow the best practices and keep an eye on your rank using the Amazon sales rank calculator.  

How to Boost the Amazon Sales Rank?

Follow the steps given below to improve your Amazon Sales Rank:

Make sure that the title of our product is engaging, informative, creative, and optimized. The best product titles include the brand name, product name, and product features. 

The price of your product is another factor that helps Amazon in ranking a product. According to the general rule of thumb, the best is your offered price, the better will be the prospects for you. 

To further make the calculations easy, you can make use of the FBA Amazon calculator

The description of your product is what sells them. Make sure that it is enticing, engaging, and compels people to make the purchase. Don’t forget to make use of relevant keywords. 

You may use Jungle Scout estimator to find the best-ranked products in your niche and see the keywords that they are targeting. However, the tool involves a bit of a learning curve. 

Images reflect the quality of your product. Make sure that you use HD images to lure customers and do not leave any stone unturned when it comes to converting customers. 

You can also find out the best performing products using amazon sales rank calculator and take inspiration from their images. 

The Next Steps

All in all, securing the best amazon sales rank is not rocket science. You need to try different strategies and determine what works for you and what does not. Keep a close eye on your sales using Amazon sales estimator , and take the next steps accordingly. 

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